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LEAP Bookkeeper Melbourne Brisbane

We are passionate about helping your business.

Legal Bookkeeping Brisbane

Hi, My name is YUJI HIRAIZUMI.

I am a Legal Bookkeeping Specialist and the proud owner of SmartEgg Bookkeeping. My team and I are committed to providing reliable and expert legal bookkeeping services to small law firms across Australia.


I began my career as a civil engineer in Japan, where customer service is paramount. Therefore, I have always been strongly dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. In 2003, I moved to Australia and obtained a Master’s in Accounting. I spent the following years providing financial analysis services for businesses of all sizes.

My goal is to help businesses gain better control over their finances by providing accurate reporting and identifying growth opportunities. I am committed to understanding each law firm’s unique demands and providing tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.


Over my extensive accounting career, I have worked with many business owners, tax agents, CFOs, auditors, and external examiners. In fact, I worked as an external examiner with the Law Society of NSW for years. I believe this valuable experience provides me with an in-depth understanding of Statutory Trust account requirements and a unique ability to deliver outstanding legal bookkeeping services.

Besides, my experience spans multiple industries, including engineering, IT, financial services, retail, and wholesale, giving me a diverse perspective and the ability to solve complex business issues.

Therefore, regardless of your industry, I am confident that I can provide the specialised bookkeeping services you need to support your business’s growth and success.

Sound like what you need?


Don’t hesitate to contact me today. 


I offer first-time clients a free initial consultation. This way, we can discuss your company’s accounting and financial management needs and define how best my team and I can assist you. 


I look forward to working with you and supporting your business’s success.

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